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Which Chocolate's are Gluten Free? (Branded, Unbranded & Best GF Alternatives)

Which Chocolate’s are Gluten Free? (Branded, Unbranded & Best GF Alternatives)

In this article I’ll present you with all the branded and unbranded chocolates I could find which are gluten free…

I’ll also highlight for you which gluten free alternatives are the best when trying to find a gluten free version of your favourite chocolate
(if it’s sadly not gluten free already that is!)

This article will hopefully save you money and help guide you to all
the gluten free chocolates out there that you can eat,
with all budgets in mind.

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Which chocolates are gluten free? (A-Z Branded List)

Is all chocolate gluten free?

Which chocolates are gluten free? (A-Z Supermarket-own List)

The best gluten free alternatives to your favourite chocolates

Which chocolate’s are gluten free?
(A-Z branded list)

Adonis Mixed Nut Bars

Adonis Pecan Box

Aero Bubbles Peppermint

Aero Caramel Bars

Aero Caramel Melts

Aero Choc Melts

Aero Chocolate Bars

Aero Dark & Milk Peppermint

Aero Gold Honeycomb Bar

Aero Gold H’comb Melts

Aero Milk Choc Bar

Aero Orange Melts

Aero Peppermint Bar

After Eights Mint Dark Choc

After Eights Orange Mint

After Eights Collection Box

You might also be interested in finding out more about dairy products are their gluten free status.

If so, check out this article of mine as well called what dairy products are gluten free?

Bakery Delights Belg Choc Wafers

Bakery D’ Belg Choc Bubbly Wafer

Bendicks Bittermints

Bendicks Mint Collection

Bliss Indulgent Layers Mint Caramel x5 Bars

Bliss Indulgent Layers Salted Caramel Peanut x5 Bars

Bliss Whip Caramelised Biscuit x5 Bars

Bliss Whip Dark Choc Raspberry x5 Bars

Bliss Whip Salted Caramel x5 Bars

Bounty Choc Bar

Booja Booja Alm’ Salt’ Caramel Truffles

Booja B’ Award Winning Selection

Booja B’ Choc Salt’ Car’ Truffles

Booja B’ Hazelnut Crunch Truffles

Booja B’ Honeycomb Caramel Truffles

Booja B’ Signature Collection

Booja B’ Truffle Selection No1

Booja B’ Truffle Selection No2

Butterm!lk Choccy Peanutsters

Butterm!lk Peanut Nougat Bar

Butterm!lk Salted Caramel Cups

Butlers The Chocolate Box

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    Cadbury’s Bitsa Wispa Bag

    Cadbury’s Bournville Buttons

    Cadbury’s Bournville Classic

    Cadbury’s Bournville Orange

    Cadbury’s Caramel Nibbles

    Cadbury’s Caramilk Buttons

    Cadbury’s Choc Eclairs

    Cadbury’s Curly Wurly

    Cadbury’s Curly Wurly Squirlies

    Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Buttons

    Cadbury’s D’ Milk Caramel Nibbles

    Cadbury’s D’ Milk Mint Buttons

    Cadbury’s D’ Milk Orange Buttons

    Cadbury’s D’ Milk Twisted Buttons

    Cadbury’s Darkmilk Bar

    Cadbury’s Darkmilk Hazelnut

    Cadbury’s Darkmilk Salt’ Caramel Bar

    Cadbury’s Darkmilk Buttons

    Cadbury’s Eclairs

    Cadbury’s Flake

    Cadbury’s Fruit&Nut Orange Trail Mix

    Cadbury’s Fudge

    Cadbury’s Milk Tray

    Cadbury’s Roses

    Cadbury’s Salt’ Caramel Nibbles

    Cadbury’s Twirls

    Cadbury’s Twirl Bites

    Cadbury’s Twirl Orange

    Cadbury’s White Buttons

    Cadbury’s Wispa

    Cadbury’s Wispa Duo

    Cadbury’s Wispa Gold

    Cadbury’s Wispa Gold Duo

    Carbzone Dark Choc

    Carbzone Dark Choc Hazelnut

    Carbzone Milk Choc

    Chocolate & Love Coffee 55%

    Chocolate & Love Creamy Dark 55%

    Chocolate & Love Mint 67%

    Here’s another similar article for you which you might find helpful.

    It’s called can you eat ice-cream on a gluten free diet?

    It’s well worth a read if you’re not sure!

    Chocolate & Love Orange 65%

    Chocolate & Love Panama 80%

    Chocolate & Love Pomegranate 70%

    Chocolate & Love Rich Dark 71%

    Chocolate & Love Sea Salt Caramel 55%

    Chocolate & Love Tin

    Creative Nature Berry Blend

    Creative N’ Gnawbles Mylk Choc

    Creative N’ Gnawbles Salted Caramel

    Cloetta Plopp

    Daim Bar

    Daylesford Raw Cherry

    Daylesford Raw Citrus

    Daylesford Raw Mint

    Daylesford Raw Organic 85%

    Deliciously Ella Almond Bites

    Deliciously Ella Cacao Almond Balls

    Deliciously Ella Cacao Almond Bars

    Deliciously Ella Choc Orange Almonds

    Deliciously Ella Dark Chocolate

    Deliciously Ella Double Choc Cups

    Deliciously Ella Hazelnut Choc

    Deliciously Ella Peanut Butter Cups

    Deliciously Ella Salted Almond Cups

    Deliciously Ella Salted Choc Almonds

    Divine Mint Choc Thins

    Dr Coy’s Choc Covered Almonds

    Dr. Oetker Dark Choc Bar

    Dr. Oetker Milk Choc 35%

    Dr. Oetker White Choc 26%

    Eat Natural Almonds & Apricots

    Eat Natural Apple Ginger Dark Choc

    Eat Natural Cranberries & Macadamias

    Eat Natural Crunchy Nut

    Elizabeth Shaw Dark & Milk Mint Collection

    Famous Names Signature Collection Box

    Fazer Marianne Choc Mint Candies

    Ferrero Rocher Dark Hazelnut Bar

    Ferrero Rocher Milk Choc Original

    Ferrero Rocher White Choc Hazelnut

    Fry’s Turkish Delight Choc Bar

    Flower & White Choc Dipped Strawb’

    Fondentenero Nocciolato Novi 72%

    Forest Feast Dark Choc Cherries

    Forest Feast Dark Choc Figs

    Forest Feast Dark Choc Mango

    Forest Feast Salted Dark Almonds

    Forest Feast Milk Choc Brazils

    Forest Feast Nutm!lk Choc Raisins

    If you’re into plant-based alternatives then this article might be for you too:

    It’s called which oat milks are gluten free?

    Find out exactly which ones are and see where you could save some money on your next purchase.

    Galaxy Minstrels

    Galaxy Ripple

    Galaxy Smooth Milk Bar

    Galaxy Vegan Classic

    Green & Blacks Almond 37%

    Green & Blacks Butterscotch 37%

    Green & Blacks Classic Collection Box

    Green & Blacks Cooking Choc Dark 70%

    Green & Blacks Cooking Choc Milk 37%

    Green & Blacks Ginger 60%

    Green & Blacks Hazelnut Currant 60%

    Green & Blacks Maya Gold 60%

    Green & Blacks Milk 37% Cocoa

    Green & Blacks Milk Collection

    Green & Blacks Intense Dark 70%

    Green & Blacks Intense Dark 85%

    Green & Blacks Sea Salt 37%

    Green & Blacks Smooth Mint

    Green & Blacks Smooth Mint 50%

    Green & Blacks Smooth 50%

    Green & Blacks Tasting Collection

    Green & Blacks White 30%

    Harvey Nichols Rasp’ Coconut Ice

    Hu Almond But’ Crispy Quinoa Dark

    Hu Hazelnut But’ Dark

    Hu Cashew But’ Vanilla Bean Dark

    Hu Salty Dark

    Jameson’s Raspberry Coconut Ruffles

    Joe & Seph’s Dark Choc Popcorn

    Joe & Seph’s Gourmet Pop’ Selection

    Joe & Seph’s Milk Choc Popcorn

    Joe & Seph’s M’ C’ Popcorn Slab

    Joe & Seph’s White Choc Rasp’ Popcorn

    KIND Dark Choc Nut

    KIND Dark Choc Orange Bar

    KIND Dark Choc Sea Salt

    KIND Peanut But’ Dark Choc Bar

    KIND Salted Caramel Dark Choc

    Kinder Choc Mini Bars

    Kinder Surprise Eggs

    Kinnerton Choc Lollipops

    Lindt Cooking Dark 70%

    Lindt Cooking Smooth 51%

    Lindt Exc’ 70% Bar

    Lindt Exc’ 85% Bar

    Lindt Exc’ 90% Bar

    Lindt Exc’ 99% Bar

    Lindt Exc’ Caramelised Hazelnut Bar

    Lindt Exc’ Caramel Fleur De Sel

    Lindt Exc’ Caramel Sea Salt

    Lindt Exc’ Chilli Dark

    Lindt Exc’ Choc Tasting Collection

    Lindt Exc’ Cranberry Almond Hazelnut

    Lindt Exc’ Flamboise Noisettes

    Lindt Exc’ Mint Intense

    Lindt Exc’ Orange Intense

    Lindt Exc’ Raspberry Intense

    Lindt Exc’ Roasted Hazelnut

    Lindt Exc’ Orange Amandes

    Lindt Exc’ Touch of Sea Salt

    Lindt Fruit Sensation Blue’b & Acai

    Lindt Fruit S’ Raspberry & Cranberry

    Lindt Hello Salted Caramel

    Lindt Les Grandes Hazelnut 34%

    Lindt Nuxor Dark Choc

    Here’s another article of mine which I think you’ll like and find helpful if you liked this article.

    It’s called which plant-based milks are gluten free?

    Lindt Nuxor Milk Choc

    Livia’s Nugglets Raw Cookie Dough

    Love Corn Milk Choc Sea Salt

    Love Raw Milk Choc Caramel

    Love Raw Milk Choc Orange

    Love Raw Peanut Butter Cups

    M&M’s (Brownie)

    M&M’s (Chocolate)

    M&M’s (Peanut)

    M&M’s (Salted Caramel)

    Mallow & Marsh Double Choc

    Mallow & Marsh Rasp’ Dark Choc

    Mallow & Marsh Raspberry

    Mallow & Marsh Salted Caramel

    Mallow & Marsh Vanilla

    Merci Finest Selection

    Mighty Fine Dark Choc Honeycomb

    Mighty Fine Salt C’mel Honeycomb

    Milkyway Magic Stars

    Milkyway Magic Stars Bar

    Milkyway Magic S’ Bar Popping Candy

    Misfits Choc Caramel

    Misfits Choc Hazelnut

    Misfits Dark Choc Brownie

    Montezumas Absolute Black

    Montezumas Absol’ B’ Almond

    Montezumas Absol’ B’ Buttons

    Montezumas Absol’ B’ Orange Cocoa Nibs

    Montezumas Black Forest Cherry

    Montezumas Chilli Bonkers 74%

    Montezumas Dark Side

    Montezumas Fitzroy 74% Bar

    Montezumas Giant Buttons 37%

    Montezumas Giant Buttons 74%

    Montezumas Giant Buttons White

    Montezumas Happiccino 35%

    Montezumas Happy Hippy 74%

    Montezumas Hot Pickle

    Montezumas Lordy Lord 70%

    Montezumas Minted Crunchy P’mint

    Montezumas P’nut But’ Bites 70%

    Montezumas Royal Mint P’mint 74%

    Montezumas Sea Dog Lime Salt 70%

    Montezumas Smooth Operator 37%

    Montezumas Spice it Up Ginger 70%

    Montezumas Splotch Butterscotch

    Montezumas The Grand Truffles

    MooFree Bunny Comb

    MooFree Choccy Buttons

    MooFree White

    Ms Molly’s Dark Choc Bar

    Ms Molly’s Milk Choc Bar

    Nakd Cocoa Delight Bars

    Ms Molly’s White Choc Bar

    Nakd Cocoa Orange Bars

    Nature Valley Protein Choc Berries

    Nature Valley Protein Peanut Choc

    Natures Heart Dark Choc Bananas

    Natures Heart Dark Choc Goldenberries

    Niederegger Marzipanerie

    Nestle Black Magic Boxed Chocs

    Nestle Caramac Caramel Bars

    Nestle Gold Smarties Buttons

    Nestle Milk Choc Animal Bar

    Nestle Milkybar Buttons

    Nestle Milkybar Gold Buttons

    Nocciolato Al Latte

    Nocciolato Fondente Novi 72%

    Nocciolato Fondente Novi

    NOMO Vegan Choc Lollies

    NOMO Caramel Choc

    NOMO Caramel Sea Salt

    NOMO Caramel Sea Salt Buttons

    NOMO Choc Buttons

    NOMO Choc Orange Crunch

    NOMO Cookie Dough

    NOMO D’ Creamy Choc

    NOMO Fruit & Crunch

    Oh So Good 70% Dark Choc

    Oh So Good 70% Dark Rasp’ Choc

    Ombar Blueberry Açai 60%

    Ombar Cacao 72%

    Ombar Cacao 90%

    Ombar Centres Coconut Vanilla

    Ombar Centres Hazelnut Truffle

    Ombar Centres Raspberry & Coconut

    Ombar Centres Pistachio

    Ombar Coco 60%

    Ombar Coco Almond 60%

    Ombar Coco Mylk 55%

    Ombar Salt & Nibs 64%

    Ombar Strawberry 55%

    Original Beans 100% Dark

    Pip & Nut Dark Choc Almond

    Pip & Nut Dark Choc Peanut

    Pip & Nut Milk Choc Peanut

    Poppets Salted Caramel Fudge

    Prewetts Chocoful Bars

    Prodigy Creamy Coconut Choc

    Prodigy Dark Sea Salt

    Prodigy Orange Baobab Choc

    Prodigy Peanut & Caramel Choc

    Pulsin Brownie Peanut Choc Chip

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      Quality Street M’makers Coolmint

      Quality Street Matchmakers Orange

      Quality S’ Matchmakers Zingy Orange

      Raw Choc Company Choc Almonds

      Raw Choc Company Dark Goji Berries

      Raw Choc Company Salty Choc Hazelnuts

      Rabitos Royale Dark

      Rabitos Royale Milk

      Raw Halo Dark 85%

      Raw Halo Dark 76%

      Raw Halo Dark Raspberry

      Raw Halo Dark Himalayan Salt

      Raw Halo Dark Salted Caramel

      Raw Halo Mylk & Vanilla

      Reese’s Minis P’nut But’ Cups

      Reese’s P’nut But’ Cups

      Reese’s Nutrageous Bar

      Rhythm 108 Creamy Coconut Bar

      Rhythm 108 Dark Cocoa Orange

      Rhythm 108 Hazelnut Praline Bars

      Riesen Dark Choc Toffee

      Schar Chocolate Fingers

      Schar Melto’s

      Seed & Bean Coconut Rasp’ 66%

      Seed & Bean Cornish Sea Salt 70%

      Seed & Bean Sea Salt & Lime 37%

      Seed & Bean Espresso Dark 58%

      Seed & Bean Lavender 72%

      Seed & Bean Lemon Cardamom 58%

      Seed & Bean Mandarin Ginger 72%


      Snickers Creamy Peanut Butter

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        Toblerone Crunchy Almonds

        Toblerone Fruit & Nut

        Toblerone Orange

        Toblerone Original

        Toblerone The Collection

        Toblerone White

        Toffifee Hazlenut Caramel

        Trapa Dark 80% with Stevia

        Trapa Milk Choc

        Trapa Milk Choc Hazelnut

        Traps Milk Choc Puffed Rice

        Trek Power Millionaire Shortbread

        Trek Power P‘Nut Butter Crunch

        Trek Protein Cocoa Oat

        Trek Protein White Choc Rasp’

        Tribe Trip Deck Choc P’nut Bars

        Valrhona Guanaja Dark Choc

        Vanuatu 72% Firetree

        Vego Almond Bliss White

        Have you ever wondered if fast food places offer gluten free choices but find the information out there too confusing to get a real answer?

        I wrote this article called which fast food venues do gluten free food to simplify the information.

        It’ll let you know what the most popular fast food places can offer you (or not offer you) if you’re gluten free.

        Walkers Mint Thins Dark Choc’

        Walkers Turkish Delight Thins

        Warrior Crunch White Choc Crisp

        Whittakers Choc’ Coffee Creams

        Whittakers Choc’ Mint Creams

        Wicked Kitchen Chunky Choc

        Wicked Kitchen Salted Caramel Choc

        Willies Cacao Dark Ginger Lime

        Willies Cacao Dark Hazelnut Raisin

        Willies Cacao Dark Luscious Orange

        Willies Cacao Dark Praline Truffles

        Willies Cacao Dark Salt Caramel Pearls

        Willies Cacao Milk Salt Caramel Pearls

        Willies Cacao Milk of the Gods 44

        Willies Cacao Pistachio & Date

        Willies Cacao Rio Caribe Gold

        Willies Cacao Sambirano Gold

        Willies Cacao Sea Salt Caramel Pearls

        Is all chocolate gluten free?

        Not all chocolate is gluten free because many chocolate bars and boxed chocolates have gluten ingredients added to them during manufacturing to produce different flavours, textures and shelf-life’.

        However, pure chocolate (or 100% chocolate) is gluten free because it’s made of cocoa mass which is a naturally gluten free food.

        Cocoa mass is a brown liquid which is created using cocoa nibs and which forms the basis of all other forms of chocolate bars and chocolates as we know them.

        Melted chocolate
Cocoa mass

        It’s not very often that you’ll see 100% chocolate though, because it just doesn’t taste that great (welcome to bitter-town).

        Instead you’ll find chocolate which falls into categories of dark, milk or white in general, and depending on what ingredients are added to these basic forms of chocolate.

        You might find gluten lurking within, or you might not.

        dark, milk and white chocolate

        Lots of chocolates are labelled gluten free which makes life easy for gluten free folk.

        But that isn’t always the case, and there’s plenty of chocolate out there which is accidentally gluten free, meaning it may not be labelled gluten free but when you check the ingredients list and allergen label, there’s no gluten ingredients listed or mentioned.

        If you haven’t already, check out the full list of chocolates I put together which are gluten free further up in this article.

        It includes branded or non-branded chocolate lists which include all those which are gluten free, either accidentally or marketed gluten free.

        Which chocolates are gluten free?
        (A-Z Supermarket-own List)

        Aldi Dairyfine Mint Creme Bar

        Aldi Dairyfine Turkish Delight Bar

        Aldi Dairyfine Mini Delights Strawb’ Yog’ Bars

        Aldi Dairyfine Mini Delights Milk Choc’ Bars

        Aldi Dairyfine Racer Bars

        Aldi Choceur Milk Hazelnut Bar

        Aldi Moser Roth Salted Caramel x5 Bars

        Aldi Moser Roth Mint Dark Choc x5 Bars

        Aldi Moser Roth Orange Almond x5 Bars

        Aldi Moser Roth Sea Salt Dark x5 Bars

        Aldi Moser Roth Dark 85% x5 Bars

        Aldi Moser Roth 70% Dark x5 Bars

        Aldi Moser Roth Madagascan Vanilla x5 Bars

        Aldi Moser Roth Smooth Milk x5 Bars

        Interested in finding out which supermarket sells the cheapest gluten free products?

        Read the article to find out exactly which one is cheapest and has the most options out of a 40 product comparison of 7 top UK supermarkets that I update every 6 months.

        Aldi Moser Roth Hazelnut Dark x5 Bars

        Aldi Moser Roth Vegan Dark Bar

        Aldi Moser Roth Vegan Blonde Bar

        Aldi Moser Roth Vegan Classic Bar

        Aldi Moser Roth Organic Peruvian Dark 85% Bar

        Aldi Moser Roth Organic Peruvian Dark 70% Bar

        Aldi Moser Roth Organic Peruvian Milk Caramel Sea Salt Bar

        Aldi Choceur Mini x5 Milk Bars

        Aldi Choceur Mini x5 Dark Bars

        Aldi Choceur Mini x5 White Bars

        Aldi Choceur Mini x5 Hazelnut Praline Bars

        Aldi Choceur Milk Choc Bar

        Aldi Choceur White Choc Bar

        Aldi Choceur Dark Bar

        Aldi Choceur Fruit & Nut Bar

        Aldi Choceur Milk Almond Bar

        Aldi Choceur Dark Hazelnut Bar

        Aldi Choceur Caramel Bar

        Aldi Choceur Milk & White Bar

        Aldi Moser Roth Organic Blonde Choc Bar

        Asda White Choc Bar 150g

        Asda Dark Choc Bar 150g

        Asda Chocolate Honeycomb Bag

        Asda Choc Eclairs

        Asda Mint Thins 180g

        Asda Milk Choc Turkish Thins

        M&S Cappuccino Bar

        M&S Colin the Caterpillar Milk Chocs

        M&S Collection Dark Choc Bar 75%

        M&S Collection Dark Choc Bar 85%

        M&S Collection Dark Milk Choc Bar 54%

        M&S Collection Hazelnut Sea Salt Vegan Bar 42%

        M&S Collection Intense Dark Cocoa 100%

        M&S Collection Madagascan Vanilla White Choc Bar

        M&S Collection Smooth Hazelnut Vegan Bar 42%

        M&S Gigantic Orange Buttons

        M&S Made Without Honeycomb Caramel Bar

        M&S Made Without Dark Choc Bar

        M&S Made Without Giant Choc Buttons

        M&S Made Without Milk Choc Bar

        M&S Made Without Rocky Road Pieces

        M&S Made Without White Choc Bar

        M&S Menacing Menagerie Milk Choc Balls

        M&S Milk Choc Honeycomb Pieces

        M&S Milk Choc Mini Whips

        M&S Omballs Milk Choc

        M&S Peanut Butter Bar

        M&S Praline Bar

        M&S Swiss Bar

        M&S Swiss Blonde Bar

        M&S Swiss Dark Bar

        M&S Swiss Fruit & Nut Mountain Bar

        M&S Swiss Milk Choc Mountain Bar

        M&S Swiss White Choc Mountain Bar

        M&S Vanilla Fudge Bar

        M&S Walnut Whip Classic

        M&S Walnut Whip Salted Caramel

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          Morrisons Milk Choc’ Turkish Delight Thins

          Morrisons Dark Choc’ Milk Thins

          Morrisons The Best Dark Choc Sea Salt 52% Bar

          Morrisons The Best Blonde Swiss Choc’ Bar

          Sainsburys No Added Sugar Dark Choc Bar

          Sainsburys Milk Choc Eclairs

          Sainsburys Fruit & Nut Dark Choc

          Sainsburys Mint Choc Selection Box

          Sainsburys Taste the Difference Madagascan Dark Choc

          Sainsburys Taste T’ D’ Ugandan Dark Choc 90%

          Sainsburys Taste T’ D’ Peruvian Dark Milk 55%

          Sainsburys Taste T’ D’ Cocoa Dusted Belg’ Choc Truffles

          Sainsburys Taste T’ D’ Flaked Belg’ Choc Truffles

          Thinking ahead to Christmas?

          Check out my advent calendar article which lets you know which advent calendars are gluten free plus loads of helpful tips for buying one this coming christmas.

          Tesco Milk choc Eclairs

          Tesco Intense Dark 85%

          Tesco Zesty Orange Dark Choc

          Tesco Milk choc Bar

          Tesco Dark Choc Bar

          Tesco Refreshing Mint Dark Choc

          Tesco Classic Dark 74%

          Tesco Turkish Delight Bar

          Tesco Mint Thins

          Tesco Turkish Delight Thins

          No. 1 Waitrose Peru Dark 80%

          No. 1 Waitrose Madagascar 75%

          No. 1 Waitrose Dominican Republic 49%

          No. 1 Dominican Republic 65%

          No. 1 Waitrose Dom’ R’ Hazelnut Cashew Pistachio 49%

          No. 1 Waitrose Madagascar Ginger Turmeric 75%

          No. 1 Waitrose Wholefruit Choc

          No. 1 Waitrose Ecuador 90%

          No. 1 Waitrose Ecuador Dark Spiced Orange 60%

          No. 1 Waitrose Ecuador Orange Almond 60%

          No. 1 Waitrose Nougat Bar Almond Hazelnut

          No. 1 Waitrose Nougat Bar Mixed Berry

          No. 1 Waitrose Nougat Bar Dark Choc Hazelnut

          No. 1 Waitrose Salted Caramel Truffles

          No. 1 Waitrose Champagne Truffles

          Waitrose & Partners Hazelnut Praline 31%

          Waitrose & Partners Salted Caramel 53%

          Waitrose & Partners Orange Truffle 53%

          Waitrose & Partners Butterscotch 53%

          Waitrose & Partners Belgian Dark Choc 72%

          Waitrose & Partners Belgian Dark Raisins Almonds 54%

          Waitrose & Partners Belgian Milk Choc 32%

          Waitrose & Partners Belgian White Choc 25%

          Waitrose & Partners Belgian Dark Hazelnuts 54%

          Waitrose & Partners Belgian Dark choc 54%

          Waitrose & Partners Milk Choc Honeycomb Pieces

          Waitrose & Partners Dark Choc Mint Creams

          Waitrose & Partners Dark Choc Mint Thins

          Waitrose & Partners After Dinner Collection

          Waitrose & Partners Belgian choc Flaked Truffles

          Waitrose & Partners Gianduiotti

          Waitrose & Partners Belgian Choc Praline Caramel Collection

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            The best gluten free alternatives to your favourite chocolates

            Mars Bars

            Try Aldi’s Racer Bars in a mulitpack form. These are very similar to mars bars but are accidentally gluten free, meaning they contain no gluten ingredients and have no allergen warning for gluten ingredients either.

            They’re also a fraction of the price with a multipack of 6 only costing £1.09!

            Check them out here on Aldi’s website.

            Kinder Bueno’s

            For a swap here to a gluten free version, I’d recommend Schar Melto’s!

            You can buy these in most supermarkets in the gluten free sections, and they’re super similar to kinder bueno’s but are certified gluten free.

            They’re roughly the same price as an actual Kinder Bueno too, although you only get one finger with a melto instead of the usual two.

            Find them at Tesco’s.


            There’s a few options you could try here, including M&S’s and Waitrose’s bags of honeycomb pieces which are basically mini versions of the crunchie bar. These are accidentally gluten free, meaning there’s no gluten ingredients listed and no may contain warning for gluten either.

            Find them in the normal aisles, not the gluten free sections.


            For a kitkat switch up, your best bet is probably Tesco’s Free From Wafer bars (multipack) or their Free From Swirly Chocolate Wafers.

            While the Wafer bars look the most like a KitKat, I personally think the swirly chocolate wafers taste better! They’re a little more like time-out bars than KitKats, but still.

            Try either and see how you get on.

            Here’s another article of mine you might like, its called:

            Which recipe box company is best when you’re gluten free?

            Gemma Hartshorn

            I really hope you find my website helpful and engaging. I've become increasingly passionate about living a healthier, gluten-free life these past few years and as both a student and a Mum to twins with a gluten intolerance, I wanted to share with you everything I've learnt. Here's to living your healthiest life without breaking the bank to get there!

            2 thoughts on “Which Chocolate’s are Gluten Free? (Branded, Unbranded & Best GF Alternatives)

            1. Good morning
              I did not realise that there was so much gluten free chocolate on the market.
              I found out about 5 months ago that I have celiac so naturally I am quite cautious. Unless it has the celiac symbol or my scanner clears it I am reluctant to buy the product.
              I have also found that anything from Aldi i can cannot scan their barcode.Please could anyone advise me.
              Thank you

              1. Hi Juanita, thanks so much for your feedback and query.

                I totally understand why you’d be cautious, especially at the beginning of a new diagnosis of coeliac disease.

                I would say that with the scanner, there are an awful lot of products which are yet to be added to the system and this makes it very frustrating for users, especially when (like yourself), you might not be used to reading ingredients labels yet to assess the risk of the product containing gluten yourself and with confidence.

                I would suggest that reading up on labels and ingredients would be helpful for you, and perhaps open up more options to you in terms of food choices.

                Accidentally gluten free foods, which you may or may not have already heard of, are products which contain no gluten ingredients on the label and also DO NOT HAVE any allergen warnings associated with gluten, such as a “may contain gluten” warning, for example. When a product lacks these two things, we call it accidentally gluten free, meaning it’s fine for someone avoiding gluten to eat.

                UK Law is that all products and companies must do their due diligence in reporting ANY risk of cross contamination of allergens, therefore, the lack of a gluten allergen warning in addition to there being no gluten ingredients listed, generally means the product will not contain gluten.

                This is how I shop, personally, and I have very rarely encountered problems after consuming a product which is accidentally gluten free. If ever I did, I would keep a note of the product in a small notebook and not purchase again.

                Many of the chocolates listed here are those accidentally gluten free products, and I regularly buy and consume many of them with no problems or feelings of illness.

                It’s a learning curve, stepping away from the app, but I do believe in education for yourself and reading labels and trusting them, because it massively increases your confidence in understanding your condition and managing it, alongside increasing options when out shopping so you don’t feel that only those expensive, branded gluten free goods are suitable for you.

                I have a few articles about increasing knowledge in managing gluten free living, understanding foods you can and cannot eat etc, which might be helpful too. Head to the “knowledge” section on my menu if you do fancy some further reading.

                Thanks and I hope this was helpful to you


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