2024 full guide to gluten free branded tinned soups

Which Branded Tinned Soups are Gluten Free?

You may have found this article after reading my guide to budget-friendly tinned soups which included a price comparison of every major supermarket and their own-brand and budget-brand tinned soups…

If this is the case then this article may help you further because this one is a price comparison of
tinned soups and whether they’re gluten free or not.

Expect to find out about some lesser known and up-coming
brands of tinned gluten free soups too!

Head to this section below to skip to a
specific brand’s gluten free tinned soup list.

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supermarket-own and budget-brand tinned soups

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Which Heinz tinned soups are gluten free?

Which Heinz BIG soups are gluten free?

Are Campbell’s soups gluten free?

Which Baxter’s soups are gluten free?

Which cup-of-soups are gluten free?

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Always Check Ingredients Labels for Allergen Information
before consuming a product.

This is important in case there are changes in
manufacturing since the date of publication of this article.

It’s also a good idea in general, especially if you have allergies rather than intolerances/sensitivities to certain ingredients to check ingredients labels before consuming a product.

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    Which Heinz tinned soups are gluten free?

    Although Heinz don’t market their tinned soups are being gluten free, there are actually quite a few which are accidentally gluten free.

    By this we mean that the product contains no gluten ingredients and has NO may contain warning for gluten ingredients either.

    Here’s a handy list of all the Heinz soups which I found to be gluten free:

    1. Heinz Cream of Tomato
    2. Heinz Weight Watchers Tomato
    3. Heinz Potato & Leek
    4. Heinz Tomato & Basil
    5. Heinz Plant-based Tomato
    6. Heinz Cream of Tom’ No Added Sugar
    7. Heinz Carrot & Coriander
    8. Heinz BIG Beef & Veg’
    9. Heinz BIG Steak & Onion
    10. Heinz BIG Steak & Potato

    Which Heinz BIG soups are gluten free?

    You’ll be pleased to know there are a few BIG Heinz soups which are gluten free. These Big soups are not marketed as being gluten free but they are when you check the ingredients labels. They also have NO may contain warning for gluten ingredients. Happy days!

    There’s only 3 BIG Heinz soups which are gluten free and they are: Big Beef and Vegetable, Big Steak and Onion and Big Steak and Potato.

    Which branded tinned soups are gluten free? (2023 Guide)
    Which branded tinned soups are gluten free? (2023 Guide)

    Are Campbell soups gluten free?

    Most of Campbells soups contain wheat and they are yet to modify their ingredients to make them suitable for those living gluten free.

    If you fancy Campbell’s soup though, there is one which I found to be suitable for a gluten free diet…

    The only Campbell soup which is free from gluten ingredients and may contain warnings for gluten is the Condensed Cream of Tomato tinned soup.

    Which branded tinned soups are gluten free? (2023 Guide)
    Which branded tinned soups are gluten free? (2023 Guide)

    Which Baxter’s soups are gluten free?

    Baxter’s have the largest selection of gluten free soups by far!

    They’re also widely available in almost every supermarket in the UK, although if you want some of the more unique flavours listed below you will most likely need to look in a superstore.

    There’s actually 25 different varieties of tinned soups in their product range that are gluten free, and you’ll be pleased to know that many of these are Vegetarian friendly, Vegan friendly, plant-based and also within their superfood soup range, and so there’s plenty of options for those who are more than just gluten free.

    Here’s a list of all of the Baxter’s tinned soups which are gluten free:

    • Lentil & Bacon
    • Chicken Broth
    • Vegetarian Carrot and Butter Bean
    • Vegetarian Country Garden
    • Vegetarian Lentil and Vegetables
    • Vegetarian Mediterranean Tomato
    • Vegetarian Green Lentil and Tomato
    • Vegetarian Carrot and Coriander
    • Cock-a-leekie
    • French Onion
    • Lobster Bisque
    • Beef Consommé 
    • Plant based Sri Lankan Sweet Potato
    • Plant based Butternut Squash and Lentil
    • Plant based Thai Yellow Veg Curry
    • Plant based Sundried Tomato and Thyme
    • Plant based Spiced Red Lentil
    • Plant based Jackfruit Three Bean and Chipotle Chilli
    • Super Good Root Veg and Turmeric
    • Super Good Tomato Orange and Ginger
    • Super Good Red Pepper Lentil and Cayenne Pepper
    • Super Good Pea Broccoli and Basil Pesto
    • Pea and Ham
    • French Onion
    • Chicken and Vegetable

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